Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And I'm Home On A Whim

We waited super last minute to buy my plane ticket cause I was having troubles getting ahold of my manager at work. Well, let's just say I never did and my mom eventually just bought a ticket. I called and called, left messages for her to call me and then eventually called and told whoever was there that day to take me off the schedule for the time that I would be gone, which was going to be quite a long time (almost a full month); but who knows if they really did that or not. But I have been home for a little while now and I still have not heard from anybody from work so they either actually took me off the schedule or I'm fired and I just don't know it yet. That'll be a fun one to go figure out when I go back home, makes me quite nervous; what do you even say when this happens? I guess we'll find out when I go back!

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